So what helps fibromyalgia and what ARE adrenals?

One of the keys to understand what helps fibromyalgia is to learn about the adrenals. Just above your kidneys are two little organs called the adrenals.They are so important and make hormones. Now you can understand why you feel the way you do. Even may feel a little crazy sometimes. It's all about hormone balance.

When you start feeling tired and hungry mid-afternoon. It is the adrenals that need to be fed. They need to be replenished about every 4 hours.

Learning to feed these little organs will go a long way to building up your depleted reserves. You may even feel your adrenalin kick in. Which is a very exciting feeling when its been missing for awhile. The simplest way to do this besides just eating a meal: Take licorice.

Licorice (no, not the candy, unless it has REAL licorice in it) is the simplest, quickest way to get your energy up. And this is what helps fibromyalgia. It quickly feeds the adrenals.

The easiest most effective way to take it is in the liquid extract. It can be quickly mixed with milk and you will rapidly grow to love the taste. I used to hate the taste of black licorice candy, but this is way tastier than that. The other forms would be capsules which are handy because you can keep a bottle in the car glove compartment for quick pick-me-ups when you feel sluggish and probably need to eat.The other form would be in a tea from the health food store.

Want to know more about how licorice helps fibromyalgia?

Regardless of how you take it you should try it at least once. It can really make a difference. Licorice was the first time I experienced a noticeable improvement after trying many, many different supplements.

In fact, the great Alexander (the Great), leader of the ancient world, conqueror of Greece and Asia Minor, fed his troops licorice. They carried a dried form that could be eaten on the march. Think of it as ancient trail mix not that far from the energy bar of today. It really kept those troops going in their quest to take over the world.

I like to think the ancient world was conquered by LICORICE!

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