Vitamin D Can Reduce Pain

Vitamin D can diminish pain as shown by a recent large research study. The study included people who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia and musculoskeletal conditions.

This correlates with the symptoms of deficiency.

Which are:

Pain (general)

Joint Pain

Bone Pain


Pain sufferers test low in this nutrient when they have their levels checked.

The recommended adequate intake is

400-800 IU from a multiple vitamin

an additional supplement of 2000 IU.

If after 3 months of continued use you don’t see an improvement, consider a high dose supplement. Doctors are now prescribing 50,000 IU at intervals. If you suspect you are deficient, consider getting your levels tested and working with your doctor.

There is a belief that we store this vitamin and over time through poor diet and/or lack of sunshine it becomes depleted. You can get up to 20,000 IU from a 20 minute sunbath. So the conclusion is drawn that quite high levels of supplementation are considered safe to consume.

I encourage you to take this nutrient with food so that you will get the benefits of synergy. This vitamin also needs cholesterol to be utilized by the body. This may be another reason that people are so low. Low-fat dieting, which we were led to believe was a healthier choice is probably to blame. Even women who get adequate sunshine in southerly climes have low levels of Vitamin D if they do not get an adequate intake of healthy oils and fats in their diets.

Foods high in this nutrient include eggs, cod liver oil, and grass-fed butter so taking your supplements with these foods will ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit. You should also take it with vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and again, plenty of fat. I like to take it with these foods plus molasses because it is so high in all of these different minerals.

You should see a real improvement in pain levels which may mean a reduction in pain medication to find relief. Your energy should also improve.

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