Fibromyalgia Support From Friends and Family

Getting the support you need can be especially challenging in the beginning. When you first realize how tired you are, in addition to whatever else you're feeling. You may think that your family doesn't have any sympathy for you.

Give it time. Just like you, this is all new to them.

I highly recommend Curezone for encouragement, forums, and tons of information.

If they normally are loving and caring, then they will be again. It just might take awhile before they adjust and adapt.

In the beginning they may seem very uncaring or act like you are looking for attention more than needing special consideration. This will change. You will get better.

All of you will adapt.

If your family are not helpful. Get the help you need. There are many groups available. Inform yourself. Knowledge truly is power.

If those closest to you are truly uncaring it is imperative that you don't let that be the way you feel toward yourself.

You KNOW this isn't normal for you. You know you'd rather be healthy than fake illness for attention. Get the help you need.

For support groups in your area (click here).