What kind of exercises give stress relief and relieve some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Some moderate exercise can actually relieve stress.

But you always must listen to your body.

Some exercise videos can be helpful for your fibromyalgia. But I would still recommend that you memorize a few basic routines.

This way you will really take your time and go at your own pace.

Plus, you can do them at any moment and won't have time to talk yourself out of it while you're trying to find the tape or dvd. Fumbling to put it in the machine, etc.

Yoga can be especially helpful but it is important to remember that not all yoga is easy or relaxing!

Avoid doing (or only do very few) sun salutation series. Or anything that is vigorous or sustained.

Instead, focus on poses that are relaxing and have very gentle stretching. Stay loose. Keep relaxed. Be aware of tension. Really take the time to listen to your own body.

The beauty of yoga is that it encourages you to relax, listen to your body and breathe deeply. This can be especially helpful if you are tense and wound tight.

Yoga can actually teach you how to consciously relax on cue.

This can be very helpful to you. You will learn to do this throughout the day. Anytime you feel tense. Whether from a phone call or a suspenseful drama on television.

Anytime day or night, anywhere, you will know how to relieve stress!

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Knowing how to relax under pressure will only become second nature to you if you practice regularly. Even when you are dealing with problems that would make you tense, you will tend to feel much better and be more relaxed. And be in a much better place to deal with those pressures. It may even improve your sleep!

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