Pet Support will lessen the effects of stress!

Pets can help to relieve the stress of fibromyalgia. They make great companions when you are stuck at home by yourself. On those days when you didn't feel like going out they are there with you.

They always understand and never criticize you.

Studies have shown that owning a pet can help to improve overall health and in particular, the emotional health of people chronically ill.

More great reasons to think about getting a pet:

• Petting a cat or dog lowers blood pressure.

There are many health benefits and it has been medically proven that owning a pet is beneficial.

• Is very calming and makes you feel needed.

• You are never alone when your pet is near you.

• Provides a constant companion when you are house-bound.

• Is an inexpensive therapy that gives back large dividends.

• They are playful and make you laugh.

• They are easy to care for.

• Talk to you.

• Love unconditionally!

Tips for pet care - wear latex gloves when you change your cat's litter, wash hands after you remove the gloves. Use a spray bottle with a mild bleach solution to clean the litter box. Fill the spray bottle with water and add 1 teaspoon of bleach and shake carefully after sealing. Use a sifting litter box. But don't put the sifter in the litter. If you do it gets wet and will need to be cleaned constantly. Big job! Use it instead to sift it during the change by pouring the litter through the sifter. This one tip alone will save you a lot of time and work! Plus you can wipe out the box while it’s empty, so get the sifting litter box set that has two litter boxes.

Check out the Pet Store to find the sifting litter box set and other handy tools!

Add a pet to your support team!

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