Soymilk Should Be a Major Concern In Health Recovery

Soymilk is under suspicion again. As well it should be. I felt it was important to add this new information concerning this beverage. Here is more evidence that just because we are told that something is nutritious and healthy doesn’t mean a thing. We must educate ourselves and be informed. This is why I am sharing this. Only by sharing this information with one another do we find out what’s really going on with our food today.

Soymilk is dominated by China. Since China doesn’t care about whether something is organic or not. Or, whether a product is made with hexane or without it we can’t trust it. Besides, there is absolutely nothing healthy about soymilk in the first place.

Please see this article to see the facts of soymilk origins and content.

Maybe if they made it from fermented soybeans it would be better. Yet, I can take organic miso and stir it into my homemade soup and get all the benefits from soy without any downsides at all. I love coming up with great recipes that are quick and delicious.

Here is my favorite recipe for Chinese soup

Rice-Cooker Chinese Soup

Make in a rice cooker with a porridge setting:

1-cup brown rice (jasmine is my new favorite!) so yummy.

Measure water or chicken stock up to the line of the rice bowl what the directions say that come with the cooker.

Set the button for porridge cycle.

You can also make this with a grain mix. First soak it with 2 tablespoons of whey for several hours then cook. I do all this by setting the timer on the rice cooker.

Then when it’s finished I ladle it into bowls and add:

If you made the rice with water instead of stock you can add chicken fumet (reduced stock) or bouillon base to taste.

¼ teaspoon organic miso (yellow is nice and mild) per individual bowl

1 teaspoon Thai fish sauce

1 tablespoon spinach (fresh or frozen, chopped)

A little onion or green onion

Shitake Mushrooms (2-4) fresh or dried rehyrated by cooking in a little water on the stove for a few minutes, Remove stems.

Soy sauce to taste

Eggs scrambled and dropped in (Put stock on the stove and heat and when the broth begins to simmer, gradually add the beaten eggs in a slow and steady stream. Use a fork or a chopstick to create shreds or ribbons with the eggs as they are stirred into the broth-this will shred the eggs into ribbons as they cook. Cook the soup for 1 minute more and remove from the heat).

Here is a fun video to teach you how to drop the egg into the soup. Turn down your volume, it's kind of loud.

Bits of meat such as cooked chicken, or anything you like. Pork spareribs would be very nice.

Here is the great site where I got the idea for this soup!

This is so good. Soup is such a great way to heal and recover from any fatigue type illness. You will think you are having this from a very nice Chinese restaurant.

Want another good recipe using the rice cooker? Check this out!

Who says you can’t make things that are quick but without compromise?