Soy: Is It Healthy?

We have been told by the media, for many years now. "Eat your soy. It may help fight cancer, assist you to lose weight and is a very good source of protein.”

It’s interesting to note that as one tries to discover when they stopped thinking clearly and before the fatigue or joint troubles. Could the so-called healthy food they keep chugging down have anything to do with it?

There is an upside and a downside to this protein.

We now have enough evidence, both in science and throughout society to make an informed decision about the benefits and the concerns with this food.

First of all, where does this protein come from? How is it made?

This Hydrolyzed Protein is made by separating beans from the oil. This is done with solvents.

The remaining protein is then mixed into different foods such as dairy products, frozen dinners, all kinds of different products.

Fact: Eating a plate of soy burgers is like eating a whole plate of MSG: here's how.

The article above has many sources for its information. So you can learn all the facts for yourself.

So what are the symptoms of eating this protein?

Symptoms of eating too much unfermented soy

• mood swings

• low thyroid

• Vitamin B deficiency

• Mineral Deficiency

• Particularly magnesium, this problem is becoming epidemic where people eat this food too often.

• Poor or no sex drive

• Weight Gain

• Fungal problems such as sinusitis and Candida

• Fatigue

• Memory Problems

• Low Iodine

Iodine deficiency leads to low thyroid, which then leads to Candida. This then leads to joint problems, tummy problems, and all the rest. Do you see the connection between Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and this insidious supposedly harmless little food?

Here’s more information we know about memory problems and thinking skills.

A study in India in 2008 suggested that eating these unfermented beans such as tofu leads to difficulty in cognitive skills.

In the same study when tempeh (fermented) was used, cognitive skills actually improved.

It is a fallacy that Asians eat a lot of these beans in one form or another. Only when it is unfermented. Natto is particularly popular.


When you choose a soy sauce try to pick one that is naturally brewed and aged.

How about the milk?

The amount of phytoestrogens in just one 5-8 oz. glass of the milk is enough to suppress the function of the thyroid. More moodswings anyone? Maybe this is the reason why so many women are needing to supplement with progesterone to bring their hormones back into balance. Could it be much simpler just not having that soy latte anymore?

So say goodbye to fits of crying and low thyroid which sets the body up for that horrible nasty yeast invasion.

Healthy Eating Politics will give you more info about soy and other topics to heal with good nutrition. Lots of good information here.

So what do I recommend based on all this research?

Eat it in very tiny amounts only when it meets these requirements.

1. Organic

2. Always Fermented

3. Again, tiny amounts.

Here you will find former vegetarians that are helping one another to recover from eating what they thought, like so many of us, was a “healthy diet”.

That above link is a huge resource to check out, I love this site!

A little less soy hype may keep a whole lot of people from triggering the development of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia like me and a whole host of other women(and men!).