Fibromyalgia Is Relieved By Sleep

Fibromyalgia is usually affected directly by stress. Poor sleep is exacerbated by it as well. Getting a good night's rest is one of the most critical factors to restoring energy and getting some relief.

The body repairs itself during sleep. So the quality of your rest can play a major factor in how much pain you suffer from day to day.

Here are several strategies to ensure you get the best possible.

The right bed

Making sure your bed is comfortable yet supportive is the key to undisturbed rest and will relieve stress. A good firm mattress with a soft layer to support achy joints associated with fibromyalgia can be a welcome relief at the end of the day. This can be achieved with a pillow-top type mattress or by adding a layer of cushion using either a pillow-top mattress pad or a pressure point pad under the mattress pad. Experiment to find what feels the most comfortable to you.

The right pillow

Sometimes it’s hard to know just what pillow that is! It can also vary from night to night. Try keeping several at hand. A memory foam pillow, a soft down pillow, a firmer and more supportive pillow are all good choices to consider. Sometimes pain in the neck and the shoulders requires different methods to give good supportive comfort. It’s nice to have options and grab that perfect pillow.

A quiet room

Using sounds such as white noise, ocean waves lapping on the shore, crickets chirruping softly in a wooded glade under the moonlight. All of these are effective at creating an atmosphere of peace when it isn't possible to have complete silence. Or dampen the noise when it's just inside your head.

A dark space

If you can, keep your room absolutely lights out, pitch black. You will have the necessary ingredients for a good night's rest. Directly manufactured on your skin, you can boost your melatonin levels with a light free zone. No light must hit your skin for this to be effective.

Not too hot, nor too cool.

Some like it warm, others want it, well, you know. Sometimes getting comfortable temperature-wise is challenging. Be flexible but it is usually a good idea to keep it just on the cool side. Make sure you have blankets that aren't heavy and feel cumbersome. Clean, natural covers in pretty soft colors can create a soothing atmosphere both to the eyes as well as to the touch.

A relaxing drink (calms the spirit as well as those tight muscles)

Teas with relaxing herbs are a good choice for fibromyalgia or any type of fatigue.

Herbs for Relaxation

Valerian is my first choice. Nothing relaxes both the mind and the body, literally, like this herb.


Passion flower

Lavender - (anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, calming to nerves)

Kava - for extreme stress, several doses throughout the day may be needed to do the trick.

Teas and capsules that combine these different herbs will make for a formula that leads to a calm and restful night.

Yogi Tea, Bedtime, 16 Bags

A good book, a favorite tune or low-key conversation will help to quiet the mind and prepare the body for sleep.

A warm bath - the power of this is not to be underestimated. It can improve the quality of your sleep as nothing else. Relaxing the mind, relaxing the body, gives you the best chance to unwind all that stress and improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

For specific bath tips to improve the poor sleep of fibromyalgia, see this.

A very low-key routine of some light stretching can ensure you rest soundly through the night free of aches and pains.

If you tend to wake up in the night because of pain, consider taking a natural anti-inflammatory before bed. A good choice might be the herb white willow, natural aspirin. Easy to take in capsules.

Fibromyalgia and the stresses of life can be overcome.

Improving your chance of a good night’s rest will enhance your days and your nights.