Salt: Is This Healthy?

Salt is one of the key essential nutrients for health. I know, to use it or not? We’ve been told conflicting information. So what is the truth?

Despite what we have been told, research is finally confirming what common sense knew all along. We need it. To live.

Learn the facts about salt and check out the latest research here. This is an undisputed fact. Most of the symptoms of chronic fatigue are caused by the need for this essential nutrient. Without it we are tired, and more than that we feel low.

The key to understanding this is to realize that there is a problem with sodium regulation in fatigue sufferers. We lose sodium. It is one of the primary tests (low sodium levels) to verify this ailment.

There are other benefits to adding this nutrient back into your life.

It is an anti-bacterial. It is very effective at killing pathogens and unknown viruses. The first case of Lyme disease was in the 70’s. Same time that we first heard we should cut back on our intake. Coincidence?

The new maximum guideline for sodium intake based on intense research is now closer to 5000 mg per day varying slightly more for men, and less for women based on body weight. Not the previously thought 500 mg. So why so much confusion and hysteria over this? Probably, at least in part, because not all salt is the same. The refined kind is not healthy. It has anti-caking agents. They may be the reason that some people aggravate high blood pressure when they use sodium. Notice, some people. Most people are not affected negatively even though that was the prevailing influence.

So how much should you take and what is the best kind?

I recommend a good natural brand like Redmond brand. Why? It has all the different trace minerals in it. It is not pure sodium. It is more soluble than the refined kind. It tastes great too. Just use liberally to taste on your food. It may also relieve pain.

Healthy Salt


If you take 1/2 tsp. in a glass of water first thing in the morning, your fatigue symptoms should disappear. Most of them are caused by our need by this deficiency. Try it.

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