Natural Therapy For Fibromyalgia? Laughter. -Painless, Simple! And It Works!

Natural therapy that can help fibromyalgia doesn’t have to be complicated.

Laugh loud, laugh long and laugh hard.

Yes, it's the adrenals again!

Laughter really is the best medicine. "A merry heart does some good, like a medicine."

Need some proof? Here is a study that proves it makes a big difference.

Apparently, when we laugh, it massages those little adrenals.

Why is that so beneficial to them? It stimulates them. And makes you feel better.

So what are some ways to ensure you take this natural therapy regularly?

Watch videos that YOU find funny. Even some over and over again. As long as they make you laugh. Funny stories, comic strips, whatever works best for you.

Anything that makes you feel really good about life. Anything that lifts your spirits.

Here are some of my very favorite videos to get rid of stress!

But remember. Really laugh heartily. The bigger = The Better.

Okay, well what if you don't feel much like laughing? Oftentimes, when someone has been suffering from long illness, there are long-standing issues.

You may find there are some deep hurts that have been left dormant. Yet still are causing you deep pain and emotional scars.

If you find that this may be true, it is important that you try to address these pains. They could be at the roots of your troubles.

Do you find that life feels as if it has passed you by?

Are friends less than understanding when you try to express your hopeless sentiments?

Try to find a cause for these feelings.

You won't be able to enjoy life as long as you feel a deep sense of loss.

Try to pinpoint an origin for these thoughts.

Did a loved one die around the time of the illness? Did you have a setback in your personal life?

Did you lose a promotion? Do you feel that it is too late for you to dream?

Slowly, try to find a sense of peace in your life. Take joy in small victories.

I think sometimes as overachievers, we try to rush the healing process. Natural therapies will work if given the chance. Give it time. Let these small successes build.

Gradually a sense of wellness and optimism will return, if we are patient for it.

Cry and then laugh.

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