Lyrica Has Been Approved For Treating Fibromyalgia

Lyrica for fibromyalgia has been in the news lately thanks to an article written in the New York Times.

A lot of people are upset by the article because they feel invalidated because it mentions that there are some doctors who don't believe this is a real disease. These also happen to be doctors who formerly were some of our greatest allies.

They have stated that they now feel that many patients go from treatment to treatment and that no one medication works for very long. I found that interesting because many treatments work for only awhile for many other diseases. I failed to see how that nullifies the validity of fibromyalgia being an actual disease. I personally didn't think the article was invalidating the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. But rather giving both sides of the issue.

I do understand how it would upset people who feel that finally when there is some real validation that this is a real disease. Someone comes along to immediately take that away.

I think that treating this illness by taking the medication Lyrica for help with pain is short-sighted. I encourage people to treat all of the symptoms. Not just the pain, but IBS, if you have it, the fatigue, the mental fog, and the poor sleep. Along with encouraging healthy eating which will help to actually rebuild your health and physical body.

I still think that this article will do more good than it will harm to our cause. The more people talk about this illness, the more that people will find out about all the books, medicines, herbs and information that is available to help them with this sometimes, still mystifying and often misunderstood disease.

I believe that as people learn how to treat all the symptoms of this illness, they will get much better results and relief than just taking some medication.

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