Laugh and Forget Fatigue

Laughter really has been proven to cure sickness. So here are my favorite videos. Along with specific tips for which episodes are my all time best.

List of Funny Videos (Dvd's)

1. Psych (Very Silly funny show)

2. Jeeves and Wooster (for all you Brit lovers)

3. Anything Monk (the tv show, it always makes me laugh)

All of these shows are very funny. They are also fun to watch repeatedly.

I own the entire DVD collection (paid a lot more than the one below, what a deal!!) of Jeeves and Wooster. There is nothing serious here. Everything they do is just silly and meaningless.

Just silly good fun for anglophiles.

Jeeves & Wooster: The Complete Series

Psych - The Complete First Season

Monk - Season One

Monk - Season Two

I have seen many episodes of Monk as in "Mr. Monk". The great thing about these episodes is I always feel better at every one of them.

Here are my favorite episodes.

Episode #3, Season 3. "Mr Monk and the Blackout"

I was upset with someone who was annoying me but by the time Mr. Monk got out of the elevator, I was in stitches and forgot all about my anger.

Episode #4, Season 4. "Mr Monk Goes To The Office"

I was feeling very unneeded the night I saw this one. Very touching.

Funniest of All

Episode #6, Season 4. "Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan"

This stars very funny Sarah Silverman. She asked to come back after starring in a previous show.

Monk - Season Three

Monk - Season Four

Monk - Season Five

Monk - Season Six

Another very funny episode is also on Season Six.

"Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure" - Episode #6.

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