How I Fight Fatigue

by Nancy
(Tweed Ontario)

I had been feeling a bit weak, somewhat sleepy and very tired. I had no energy to do anything. I also had been suffering from muscle and joint pain. I tried to ignore the symptoms for several weeks and blamed my state of health on a lack of sleep.

When the pain and fatigue became unbearable, I talked about what was happening with one of my colleagues. She recommended that I see my doctor and/or a specialist as soon as possible. My colleague figured that I had something serious so I shouldn't waste any more time. She got me really scared so I made an appointment with my family doctor. I wanted a cure for fatigue, if there was one.

After several tests were completed, the doctor told me that I had chronic fatigue syndrome, something that can be controlled. I was really shattered by this news. My doctor then consoled me and advised me in a very kind way about how to cope up with this situation. He didn't think research would find a cure for fatigue for a long time. I hope he is wrong.

Since my diagnosis, I have been following my doctor?s advice and I am really feeling much better than before. Here?s how I plan to fight against chronic fatigue and establish a good routine in my life.

1. Keep my brain alert and strong by stimulating it through reading and do crossword puzzles.

2. Exercise regularly even if it?s just a 30 minute walk.

3. Take fish oil supplements (my doctor?s advice.) Their omega -3 fatty acids are helpful for regaining energy.

4. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water.

5. Take multi-vitamins.

6. Keep my spirits up by keeping in contact with friends and neighbors and trying different things.

Your site provides good advice and of course it gives me hope. I am not alone in my battle against chronic fatigue. Thanks!

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