Fibromyalgia Foods - Alkalizing Greens

Fast, easy nutrition in a glass

Fibromyalgia foods need to be something simple that actually works. Things you’ll really use and are easy to do.

People have said to me. “I can’t cook for myself. It hurts to stand. Too tired, too painful.” So what can you do?

To recover your vibrant health, free of pain, full of energy you have to eat real food. So I have come up with a few simple things you can do.

Trust me, this is less work than opening the freezer to make a frozen dinner. It has real nutrition and is almost instant. Mix it with water or water with a little juice. Not too much juice. Too much sugar, even natural sugar isn’t a good idea. You want even blood sugar, no highs or lows. You will feel much better and even-tempered. Eating this way will make you feel calm as a cucumber.

You can also mix this with fruit like berries in a smoothie. It will taste really good if you do that and just be even more nutritious.

  • Instant, Energizing
  • Greens are Alkalizing, mixes easily
  • Cleanses out the digestive tract of candida and other IBS problems
  • Has the benefits of 24 fruits and vegetables in each scoop
  • Tonic herbs cleanse the liver - key to relieving sluggish energy
  • Adaptogenic herbs normalize the effects from stress
  • Powerful immune boosters like Beta-Glucan and Super Mushrooms

Normalize, stabilize, energize with ONE formula that replaces bottles and bottles of nutritional supplements simplifying your life while you end up feeling your best.

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