The Fibromyalgia Diet Cure – Foods that really help!

To cure fibromyalgia with diet you must strive to get the highest quality nutrition you possibly can.

Also learn which foods have the highest amounts of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. There are many newly defined phytonutrients, as well. These really are just more identified vitamins but they are called “phytos” instead. These could be things like astaxanthin, from salmon, but remember, only if it’s wild. So the source and type of food is very important. It’s also best to try to eat organic. Studies have been done that prove that the mineral and vitamin content is usually much higher. So you do pay more, but you get more. Plus it usually will be free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and Gmo’s that we now have no idea what the consequence of eating these things will be to us in the future. So just try to eat as whole and pristine as our ancestors as you can.

Here is a list of some of the most important foods to add to your diet to cure fibromyalgia:

Grass-fed or natural beef free of antibiotics and hormones. (Grass-fed beef, the new omega-3). One caution with lean meat. Be sure to eat this with plenty of fats like butter or in broth. If you don't, you could deplete your levels of Vitamin A.

Natural Chicken and Turkey preferably free range or pasture raised, even the skin has omega-3 fats.

Wild Salmon is full of nutrients and healthy fats and even natural hormones. Dried Salmon eggs and salmon jerky are easy, ready to eat foods that are loaded with nutrients.

Healthy Snacks

Eggs you should eat 2-3 per day of this almost perfect food. No, you won’t gain weight eating these. There are even reports of people losing weight eating just eggs, up to six or more a day!

Grass fed milk, raw and/or cultured including raw cheeses, butter, cream, yogurt, and kefir. Do not use ultra-pasteurized milk even if it is labeled organic. This is a very unhealthy choice. Grass-fed milk is the best choice but make sure your dairy is at least free of antibiotics and hormones. Also make sure you always drink whole milk. Remember, your body can’t use the vitamins without the fats. Also, saturated fat is not only healthy but also vital to good health. Anything you read that says otherwise is based on “junk science.”

Also, be sure to drink plenty of fresh water.

Omega 3 fatty acid foods like cod liver oil, raw butter oil and other high vitamin fish oils.

See the fat page to learn more about eggs, and healthy fats and oils and why they don’t cause weight gain.

MCF fatty acids - Coconut oil - contains caprylic and lauric acid which are powerful anti-fungals.

Lots of fresh greens and non-starchy vegetables, radishes, green peppers, cucumbers, green beans and cabbage.

To learn more about the benefits of antioxidants to help your symptoms of fibromyalgia check out this informative site!

Fresh, raw organic carrot juice A natural healer, detoxifier and anti-fungal. This is great juiced with whole apples. Drinking fresh raw juice is like getting a blood transfusion. When you drink this you can feel the life going into you from the fresh carrots.

Cultured Vegetables like kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, carrots/ginger

Understand the importance of adequate salt intake and which is best.

Homemade soups and stocks, full of minerals from bones, and collagen are good for healing digestion. These should be eaten daily and are wonderful additions to add to the diet cure for fibromyalgia.

For a delicous soup recipe and link to make homemade stock, check this out!

Fruits fresh and dried, such as apples, berries, pineapple, papaya, mango, cranberries, and the new fruits, acai, noni, mangosteen, and goji berries.

An apple a day really can keep the doctor away.

Seeds and nuts of all kinds preferably soaked and dried. Exception, is peanuts.

Avoid eating grains unless they are either soured (fermented), soaked, or sprouted. Also limit starchy vegetables such as potatoes. Better choices are sweet potatoes, including yams, zucchini and other squashes of various kinds.

Eat like this and you'll be making sure you are getting plenty of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats and anti-oxidants with a few anti-inflammatories thrown in!

This is the foundation for a real recovery program. A diet that will go a long way to cure your fibromyalgia.

If you aren't eating this way, start slowly. Your digestive system never likes sudden, big changes. The first step to superior nutrition is to realize that food that is healthy is extremely delicious.

Eating food that is good for you should be a joy.

The smells, aromas, tastes, and even what the gourmets call "mouth feel", should be an extremely pleasurable experience. A diet that cured fibromyalgia that didn't do that really wouldn't work. Eating this way will also lessen the chance of digestive trouble if you sit down and really relax and enjoy your meal.

So great ready... This is going to be best change you've ever made!

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