Foods For Fibromyalgia Must Include Healthy Fats

There are many different fats that are beneficial for fibromyalgia. Healthy oils diminish inflammation, pain and fatigue. They will replenish your depleted energy reserves. The key thing is to make sure you understand what constitutes a healthy one. There is a lot of confusion concerning them. Aren’t they bad for me? Shouldn’t I be cutting back on my intake? If you intend on restoring health and vibrant life you do not want a low-fat intake. So what is the truth? Which ones are good? What is a bad one?

A healthy diet that is designed to restore health for a sick person will always encourage you to eat whole foods. Any oil that has been chemically altered is unhealthy. There is also another type that should be avoided. You can’t always avoid it entirely but you should do all you can to limit your intake. Too many omega-6 oils will create an imbalance. Many vegetable types fall in this category.

Bad fats

Canola oil – Even though canola has omega 3's, it is processed and should be considered a Trans fat.

Corn oil

Most vegetable oils are high in omega 6's and should be used in moderation. It is the overabundance of omega 6 in the diet that encourages pain and joint inflammation.

Soy oil - Soybean oil is a very big no-no. Again, it is processed with solvents and is the equivalent of industrial waste.

All vegetable shortenings

All margarines no matter how healthy the label claims it to be. They are promoting themselves after all.

Another thing to watch out for is potato chips that are supposedly healthy. Unless you can find ones cooked in pure palm oil or coconut oil, don’t buy them. Heating healthy oils to such high temperatures necessary to make deep fried chips makes them no different (damaged and unhealthy) than Trans fats.

Tip: Make your own fried (not deep-fried) potatoes with butter or coconut oil. Serve with crème fraiche and you’ll forget all about French fries, chips and dip, etc. Even add a tiny bit of onion to the potatoes while their cooking. Remember, try to share these! I know this may be difficult.

Note: Grape seed oil is being promoted heavily as a healthy choice. Since it has a high heat point it is thought to be safe for high heat cooking and frying. I do not recommend this oil because of its omega-6 profile. Too much omega-6 in the diet can be blamed for many health issues. It is also processed with hexane and solvents therefore it should not be considered a wholesome food. A better choice would be to mix together equal amounts of olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil and use this for all your cooking.

All Trans fats are extremely unhealthy. These are the real culprits of clogged arteries and poor health. They will be labeled as hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. This is the reason you need to be very careful about eating any processed food. Much of it is full of these unhealthy oils. If you examine package labels carefully than you will find a few things that are suitable to eat. But if the label is full of unpronounceable (by the average person!) ingredients, and hydrogenated this and that. Skip it.

There are many healthy options for you to choose from and in fact your food will taste better.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Note: Do not cook with this unless you mix it with other oils. Good for making delicious homemade salad dressing that is easy to prepare. Remember, more omega 9 than 3, don't overdo it.

Virgin Coconut oil – Great to substitute for shortening, sturdy for cooking and makes tasty cookies and even crackers. Watch for this in packaged food. Delicious!

For more information about the benefits of coconut oil check this out!

Palm oil is another tropical oil that is great to cook with.

Sesame oil, walnut oil

Cod liver oil and fish oils, especially krill oil

Cod liver oil is a good source for vitamin A and the sunshine vitamin D. You would have to eat a lot of fish to get the amount of vitamins, omega-3’s and nutrients that are found in cod liver oil. Cod liver oil has been proven to help inflammation of joints. Not only that, it can even reverse joint damage.

Butter - Despite the fact that butter has been vilified as unhealthy it just isn’t true at all. Full of vitamins A, D and K, butter is full of nutrients. And if you can find grass fed butter, it will have a deep yellow color that is an indication of high amounts of vitamin A in particular. Butter and all good fats are only fattening when eaten with sugar or refined carbohydrates. It is the starches that cause an increase in insulin, which will cause weight gain. If you eat lots of healthy oils along with a low carbohydrate diet, you will not gain weight from eating foods high in fats.

High-Vitamin Butter Oil – Raw butter from grass-fed cows is full of X-factor, and Wulzen factor (anti-stiffness), which is not available in pasteurized milk.

Here is information and sources for High-Vitamin Butter Oil and Cod Liver Oil.

Flax oil, a good source of omega-3, not as good as fish oil for a sick person but still good. Sick people will sometimes have problems converting flax oil to the EPA’s and DHA’s, particularly people with diabetes who have a poor functioning pancreas. Never, ever cook or heat this oil. It is fragile and easily damaged. Good is flax as oil but you can also obtain it by freshly grinding flax seed in a blade coffee grinder to be added to morning shakes and cereals (after they cool).

Omega 3 is vital. For more in-depth information about its importance and nutritional value, please see this site!

Tip: If you add a teaspoon of flax oil to olive oil in your salad dressing, you will balance the omegas 3 and 9.

To understand DHA and EPA conversion in more detail, see this page

Eggs are a very healthy source. Cholesterol is good for you. They are almost a perfect food because they have so many good things in them. Full of vitamins A and D and minerals like selenium. The yolks are also rich in B-12.

Hemp Seed both as oil and the hulled seed is great because it has a balance of all three omega fats, 3, 6, and 9. Drizzle on toast with raw honey. Sprinkle seeds on salads. Never heat this.

Borage, Evening Primrose and black currant oil, are good sources of GLA, which is good for joint inflammation and has anti-fungal properties.