Do you feel discouraged and hopeless?

We all need encouragement at times. I saw this today and thought you might need a helping hand as well. All of us feel discouraged or like no one cares or especially needs us or wants us anymore.

We feel broken. Too many pieces to mess with.

I hope this helps.

Just like Nick, we feel like it's too late or too much has happened. Who cares anymore anyway?

If Nick matters, you matter. I just want you to know that we all need help sometimes. Sometimes the best thing to know is you are still valuable. You're not some kind of throw away person just because you can't do all the things you and others expect from you right now. Big Deal.

The fact is Life Goes On.

And sometimes it can be even better because of adversity. Why? Because now you really have more to offer, not less. You now have the opportunity to persevere and that makes you noble.

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