Can Diet Cure Fibromyalgia With Thai Soup? Yes! It Can Really Help

Another great way to cure fibromyalgia through diet is with this delicious Thai soup. It can be quickly prepared.

It is very nutritious. Comfort food at its best. It rivals the best flavors and textures of food from the menu of a fine Thai restaurant.

It really is easy to prepare. Especially if you have a few ingredients prepared ahead of time. Pre-prepping means less work when you prepare the soup. Equally important on those days when you don't feel good and need something nourishing more than ever.

By planning ahead, you will be doing yourself an incredible service to recover your health and rebuild your immune system. It is important when you are trying to cure fibromyalgia that your diet be rich in minerals and this soup is chock full of them!

Plus, this is quite rich and flavorful. The pleasure of eating should be as healing as the ingredients themselves.

Here are some plan-ahead tips to get the jump on easy food preparation that will make you feel like a head chef!

Make this easy chicken stock ahead of time. Then place 4-6 freezer cubes in a sauce pan for the recipe below, and enough water to make 4 cups of fresh chicken stock!

Also, take 2-3 fresh ginger roots, peel them and chop all of it and store it in the freezer for later as well.

Easy Coconut Soup

Chicken stock, fresh 4 cups, or the equivalent of frozen cubes plus water to equal 4 cups fresh.

1 can whole coconut milk

2 tbl. (tablespoons) lime juice, bottled, organic, or fresh squeezed

1 tbl. Thai fish sauce or 1 teaspoon salt, preferable sea salt, Real Salt brand, highly recommended

1 tbl. coconut sugar, optional

1 tbl. fresh or frozen grated ginger, 1-inch piece, fresh

1/2 tsp. red curry paste

Turn heat to medium and whisk all ingredients together. Heat until gently simmering and cook 10 minutes and serve. Makes about 4 servings. Store any leftovers in the refrigerator promptly.

Thai specialty ingredients can be found at most large chain grocery stores in the ethnic sections or at Chinese or Thai markets, or online. A good brand would be Taste of Thai.

Thai soup – fibromyalgia’s diet cure that tastes good!

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