Can Diet Cure Fibromyalgia? - Dead Foods Role

So how can diet cure fibromyalgia? One thing for sure is that our diet won't help our health improve if we continue to eat more and more processed food. Today, we are seeing less and less of living, nutritious, life-giving food. Specifically, cultured foods like raw pickles, sauerkraut, even chutneys. What is the role that dead food is playing in our health crisis?

Cultured foods have natural enzymes in them that help us to digest all the other foods we eat. Especially cooked foods such as meats, fats and carbohydrates. You may need to take some type of enzyme supplement to aid better digestion. As we get older, our digestion can become more difficult. Enzymes might help this.

You still should consider eating raw, cultured food with your meals as much as possible. The benefits that I feel outweigh taking pills are that it is real food. It will be easier for your digestion to absorb. Even enzyme tablets take time to adjust to. So I suggest you take both. Especially if you are suffering with difficulty digesting your meals. The signs of poor digestion are heartburn after meals, bloating, any type of gastro discomfort within 2-3 hours of eating. Especially after the evening meal. And more often after eating restaurant or packaged foods. If you do have any discomfort after meals, you should try digestive enzymes. They may really help to relieve your painful symptoms.

Other things you can also try are mint teas. Ginger, taken either in a tea or in food might also give relief.

Cultured foods that you should regularly eat are homemade kefir (the kind made from grains), yogurts, kombucha and homemade sauerkraut and pickles made with kefir whey.

If you have any discomfort from taking digestive enzymes, reduce the dosage to one pill at only one meal for several days until your system has time to adjust to the changes.

This is another reason why cultured foods should be eaten. They will aid to heal and restore the natural flora (healthy bacteria) that is found in people who have robust immune systems and seem to be able to eat anything. We even say that they have iron stomachs!

You should also start to sleep better. Nothing disturbs the potential for a good night's sleep like digestive pains and discomfort.

If you have blood work done. You should really see your numbers improve for protein, fats, sodium, etc.

You just won't have energy if you can't get the nutrients from the food you eat!

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