Coping with Chronic Fatigue:

Keys to Recovery

Coping with chronic fatigue entails identifying the root factors of different symptoms and planning a strategy to combat them. These various challenges are often referred to as body burdens.They are anything that reduces your overall health or drains your body’s energy reserves.

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The list could include hidden viruses, infections, or dental issues, including gum infections.

Coping when you have gum disease is very painful and taxing. Here you will find more information for this complex problem, along with some solutions to help.

Other Possible Body Burdens:

• Frequent Colds or Flu

• Nutritional Deficiencies

• Food Allergies

• Chemical sensitivities

• Heavy Metals (such as mercury, aluminum)

Any of these conditions can create extra stress on the body. One or more of them could be the very root cause.

It is important to sort through every health issue you may be dealing with for clues to discovering your own road to recovery. No two people with chronic fatigue will be exactly alike. So what may work for one person, may not work for you. Which is what makes dealing with chronic fatigue such a challenge.

But usually, somewhere in the list above, you will find your culprit. Then you will be on your way to better health, and increased energy and well being.