Coping - Cleaning Tips for Chronic Fatigue

Coping with cleaning around the house presents special challenges to you when you are suffering from chronic fatigue. Learning to pace yourself will make sure you get the job done but don’t wear yourself out!

Clean only for a short time - stay in your comfort zone. This will ensure that you don't overdo it and pay for it the next day by feeling worse. Use light-weight appliances. Use light pressure when you scrub. Let your cleaners and tools do the work for you. Natural cleaners are surprisingly effective. You don't need to use poisons to clean your house and overtax your already overburdened body and immune system.

Use common sense. If it feels like you're overdoing it, you probably are.

There's no reason you can't have a beautiful home just because you have difficult days.

Lower your expectations and be realistic about what you can accomplish.

Just do one task at a time. Do half the dishes. Fold half the laundry. You will get more accomplished if you don't try to do too much and set smaller goals. It is mentally fatiguing to constantly try to push yourself into doing too much. Try to really feel a sense of accomplishment over any small task. This will make coping easier. You will build yourself up if you don't go around beating yourself up or getting depressed about the fact that you can't function the same way that you'd like to.

I highly recommend getting large laundry baskets that have handles on both ends and wheels. They are great for carting large loads of laundry to and from the washer/dryer. They are also great for picking up the house. Just toss everything in the cart and wheel it back to its original home.

What a breeze!

Break up tasks into smaller bites. Take regular breaks. Know when you’re reaching your limit.

Especially on a good day, don't overdo it. You must pace yourself.

Safe, Non-toxic Cleaner for general use

Here is a basic cleaner that will work for most cleaning jobs.

Mix together in a spray bottle:

½ teaspoon washing soda, not essential but great stuff

2 teaspoons borax

½ teaspoon liquid soap or detergent

2 cups hot water

It's nice to add a little lemon juice to this, too.

Just spray and wipe with a soft cloth. For tougher jobs, spray and let the mixture do its job. If you need more elbow grease, just sprinkle baking soda first, or try a pumice stone. Both of these abrasives are strong enough to remove difficult stains but gentle enough to not scratch most surfaces. Even gentle on ceramic stoves!

Here are some more natural cleaner tips that will make coping with household chores less taxing and non-toxic!

Coping with cleaning really doesn't need to be such a chore!

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