What Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Understanding what causes chronic fatigue syndrome can be the first step to recovery. Often it also helps to recognize the signs that lead to poor health. Look for clues. Seeing how we got in the mess we are now in, may help to lead us back out...

Here is a list of things that are the most common triggers.

• A Traumatic Event (loss of a loved one, car accident, illness)

• Poor Eating Habits (processed food, sugar, sodas and eating out)

• A Stressful life (job, people, including friends and others close to us)

• Poor Dental Health (cavities, gum disease and irregular dental visits) (learn more)

• Eating Too Much Soy read more to discover how soy can encourage trouble.

• Eating Too Many Starchy Foods that have not been properly prepared by soaking, fermenting or sprouting (more on this)

• Taking Antibiotics Causes of fatigue are easily worsened by this.

• Taking pain-killers and prescription medication

• Not getting adequate sleep

• Not Staying Hydrated by getting enough water intake

• Eating Low-fat Foods (fats are necessary to good health)

Whatever led to the point where you are now, there is help.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can be addressed with an understanding of good nutrition and ways to improve your overall quality of life.