About Me

And Why Should We Listen To Her?

A little over 10 years ago I had a bad cold that I just couldn't shake.

I knew that things had been stressful the week of the onset. I had sung at a christmas concert the day before and had traveled several hours there and back again.

The next day I didn't feel like getting up. Then there was that stressful phone call.

5 weeks later I finally had gotten over that nagging cough. But I just never felt refreshed - no matter how much I slept. I was just as tired after 8 hours of sleep as if I hadn't even gone to bed.

Several weeks later, I had a little more energy so I did a bunch of cooking and cleaning. It took 3 days to recover from that stint. This went on and on, week after week.

I started asking questions at the local health food store when I was awake enough to even be there. They said I needed to replenish my adrenals. What did that really mean?

Surfing the web, reading Mayo Clinic articles in magazines, scouring libraries, I began the long search. Trying to find out what happened to me, and how to get my energy back. Sometimes I was so tired I could hardly speak. (Very out of character for me.)

Every time I would read about a product to give you more energy or help you feel more relaxed, I would buy it.

Gradually over time, I began to notice that certain things helped a lot and others didn't even make a dent.

Certain types of exercises would push me way back. Others made me feel like I had a new lease on life. Phonecalls? Forget it!

Social life? What social life?

Doctors who only wanted to send you to psychiatrists or physical therapy, (that helped for awhile) till another setback!

In the beginning I would have been diagnosed as a severe case of chronic fatigue, complete with every symptom minus one.

Today I would say I am 85% better ....and growing.

This website is born out of a desire to help others with the perplexing questions and need for encouragement that many face who are always tired, and almost always feel like there stuck in some kind of cloud that's settled over their heads.

I've been there and I can show you the way out...

When your body can get the nourishment and support it needs. Healing can happen. Let me show you how to "cure my fatigue".